Bench painted with PPG Timeless Paint. Color is Silver Reflection


Bench painted with PPG Timeless paint. Color is Silver Reflection.

I have been sponsored by PPG Timeless to write this post, but all opinions expressed are my own.

I cannot even begin to tell you just how excited I am about today’s post! I recently teamed up with PPG Timeless to be one of the firsts to try their new one-coat coverage, paint+primer paint called PPG Timeless, before it hit the market.  I was so blown away by this paint ( now available at Home Depot) that I’m excited to finally tell/show you guys how this paint is gonna be a serious game changer when it comes to our paint projects! 


The new PPG Timeless Exterior Paint Plus Primer


I don’t want to sound to paint nerdy/technical in this post but to better explain the significance of this new paint, I wanted to share a little background for those of you not familiar with PPG. Stick with me on this and I promise you’ll understand why in a moment.

New PPG Timeless Paint Exterior and Interior

PPG has been more on the professional paint/coatings side of the paint industry for 130 years. In other words, big companies hire them to develop highly durable industrial type paint for unique uses.  For example, PPG creates paints for airplanes, space shuttles, submarines and more large commercial type situations. Of course, these paints have to withstand the toughest of all elements and durability. Nothing has to be more durable than the paint on the space shuttle on re-entry to the Earth, right?! 

 So, PPG decided to create a paint for us on the consumer side using some of the same leading PPG technology and innovation found in their commercial paints/coatings. In addition, they wanted to incorporate one-coat coverage, primer+paint all-in-one, UV protected and the most durable consumer paint on the market but still a gorgeous finish.  

When PPG contacted me and told me about their new paint and asked me to try it, I figured it would be good because of PPG’s history of making the best professional paints/coatings.  However, after I tried it, I realized that they went beyond what I could imagine and they created a consumer paint that simply doesn’t exist on the market.  As a paint geek, I realized as I used it start-to-finish that PPG just took paint to a whole new level with the new Timeless Paint. That’s why I’m so excited for you guys to try it! It’s really a fool-proof beautiful paint!

So let me just show you! 

The first project that I did to try out the new PPG Timeless was painting my front porch bench using the PPG Timeless Exterior Paint. PPG Timeless comes in both exterior and interior.

Here is the before picture of my bench.

Bench revamp with PPG Timeless Paint.

I had planned this year to just get rid of this bench and get a new one because it was in such bad shape.  It had 5-7 coats of paint flaking off from over the 15 years that I had it and it was just so beat up from our extreme Texas heat and humidity.  I decided that this would be the ultimate exterior paint project to put this new paint to the test and see if I liked the paint. I was especially curious to see what the finish looked like. 

Here’s a shot of my bench last Christmas and if you look closely, you can see where the paint is flaking (especially on the seat) and the grains of the wood splitting/separating. That’s what extreme humidity does to wood.

Christmas decorated front porch.

I had to sand the bench because I had so many layers of paint flaking off. I did go ahead and prime the bench but after talking with PPG, it was unnecessary with PPG Timeless  because it’s truly a one-coat coverage, primer+paint all-in-one.  The funny thing is that this paint is so good that PPG Timeless for exterior is only available in water-based.  Say what?!

For those of you in Texas or extreme weather states, you know that we wouldn’t consider using anything but oil-based on our exteriors.  So this really had my attention! 

PPG Timeless has over 1,000 beautiful colors to from and I picked Silver Reflection for my bench. 

PPG Timeless Paint Silver Reflection

So as I began to paint the bench and applying the paint, I was immediately surprised.  The application of the paint is just like butter! Very smooth and easy going on and I could go over areas multiple times without getting that gummy texture on my brush and paint finish like I would normally get when I paint in 100+ degree Texas weather. Really, I should say the texture was really more like painting with a thicker baby oil. Just smooth and consistent and unlike any exterior paint I have ever used.


PPG Timeless Paint. Color is Silver Reflection

I was worried when I started painting that like most traditional exterior paints, I would go through a bunch of brushes because of the heat. Exterior paint normally goops up in that situation when I’m painting when it’s so hot and humid.

No goop at all! In fact, I stopped painting multiple times to go in and cool off and went back out.  No new brush needed and I could go over where I previously painted and no sludge or goop that always happens with other exterior paints.

PPG Timeless Exterior Paint. Silver Reflections

I painted that whole bench on and off (to go in and cool off) in just a couple hours with one coat! It was actually a joy painting because the paint is seriously so easy and smooth going on. I kept thinking if it’s this easy to apply on my bench, imagine how easy it would be hanging form a ladder painting a garage, front door or house trim. I was also thinking how much less paint would be needed for larger exterior projects. That also means less money! 

So here’s what it looked like when I was finished!

Bench painted with PPG Timeless paint in the color Silver Reflections.


Can you believe this paint gave me that smooth butter finish in one coat?  It’s really such a smooth and even finish. 

PPG Timeless Exterior Paint. Color is Silver Reflection.


Bench painted with PPG Timeless in the color Silver Reflection.


The bench looks brand new and what was really interesting to me is that the smooth matte finish (I used satin) looked just like something that would take multiple coats and wax buffed for hours to achieve! 

PPG Timeless Paint in Silver Reflection.


As far as exterior durability, I found out that PPG Timeless paint uses the same automotive-grade ultraviolet (UV) and gloss retention package used by automotive manufacturers.  So the paint won’t fade in sunlight or dull over time.  The PPG Timeless exterior paint is so durable, it can be used on masonry (patios), stucco, brick, fiber cement and of course, siding, trim, etc.. 

Bench painted with PPG Timeless paint. Color Silver Reflections

I am especially excited that PPG Timeless has outstanding washability, scrubbability and stain resistance, which is another huge plus! Not only is this paint now the most durable paint on the market, it’s also easy to clean and scrub. Nice!

The new PPG Timeless exterior comes in flat, satin and semi-gloss and the interior comes in flat, satin, semi-gloss and eggshell. 

New PPG Timeless Paint Exterior and Interior

As you’ve figured out, I’m pretty excited about PPG Timeless and have already used their interior paint in my dining room! I’ll be sharing that project with you guys next week!  I can’t wait for you guys to try this paint! Trust me, just try one project with it and see the gorgeous finish and how smooth this paint goes on! You’re gonna love it! You can get it now at your local Home Depot.

Thanks for stopping by today!