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Summer is just around the corner and we’ve been busy cleaning our patio and backyard, replacing patio cushions, planting bright flowers and getting summer ready.  We love to grill and entertain during the summer and I was really hoping to find some sort of outdoor bar that I could use for serving beverages and appetizers.  I haven’t been able to find anything even close to what I had in mind, so when I stumbled across this potting bench at World Market here, I thought why not turn a potting bench into an outdoor bar.


Potting Bench, Outdoor Bar, Gardening Bench


If it wasn’t for the sink in this piece, I don’t think it would have even occurred to me to convert this piece into a bar.   Many of the potting benches on the market have a sink or at least a bucket that is absolutely perfect for ice:


Outdoor Bar, Potting Bench, Garden Bench


When it’s really hot outside, I plan on placing a large frozen plastic blue cooler block in the base of the bucket (below the ice) to keep the ice cold.

We added several hardware pieces to the potting bench to make it the piece even more convenient for us.  We added a standard towel bar to the front of the bench for towels:


Potting Bench, Outdoor Bar, Garden Bench



Potting Bench, Outdoor Bar, Garden Bench


We also added 3-sided channel trim that we picked up at Lowe’s for $4.00 to create a spot to hang glasses just below the top shelf:


Potting Bench, Outdoor Bar, Garden Bench


Potting Bench, Outdoor Bar, Garden Bench


We even added a bottle opener to front of the bench as well:


Bottle Opener, Outdoor Bar


The little hooks that came with the bench are perfect for storing bar accessories:


Bar Accessories, Outdoor Bar


The top shelf is great for bottles, drinks and extra cups:


Potting Bench, Outdoor Bar


If you’re looking for an outdoor bar or a food serving bar, a potting bench is the perfect solution and you can pretty much add anything to it to really customize it for whatever you need.  If you’re looking for something with more space, think about two of them together!  I have already ordered a second one from World Market that I’m going to use for food.
You can find potting benches pretty much everywhere right now and I found these below online including the first one from World Market that I purchased (click on picture for the link to the item):

Potting Bench at World Market is $111.00

Potting Bench, Gardening Bench

Source: World Market


Target $169.00:

Potting Bench, Gardening Bench

Source: Target


Woodland Direct for $273.00:

Potting Bench, Gardening Bench,

Source: Woodland Direct


Home Depot Potting Bench for $289.00:

Potting Bench, Gardening Bench, Home Depot Potting Bench

Source: Home Depot


So many fun possibilities with these benches besides gardening.

Have a wonderful week friends and I’ll be back on Friday morning with more outdoor inspiration for us on Friday Favorites.