Outdoor Kitchen and Pool House Project Reveal. The Creativity Exchange

Black slate outdoor tile in outdoor kitchen.

This post has been a very long time coming! After many months of planning/designing and more than six months of construction, I can finally share our new outdoor kitchen, patio and pool project with you guys!

Yes, I have been holding out from you guys and not sharing or even talking about this project on the blog like I normally do with all of my projects.  The truth is, we had a lot of issues to overcome going into the project, two hurricanes during construction and for several months all we had was a big mound of dirt. Not very exciting stuff to share!

I decided that it would be best (and more inspiring for all us) to wait until the end of this big project and then over the next few weeks, take you back through each step of the process, go more in-depth about our design work/planning and all the other components. I want to share as much as I can to help those of you who may be planning an outdoor project yourselves.

So let’s go back to the beginning for a moment and let me show you how our backyard looked before the construction started.

Pool House and Outdoor Kitchen Project Reveal.

Pool House and Outdoor Kitchen Project Reveal.


Here are a couple construction shots during the building process (our builder was Southern Builders in Lufkin, Texas):

Outdoor kitchen and pool house construction

Pool house and Outdoor Kitchen Construction

Outdoor kitchen construction project


And after more than 15 years of staring at our backyard and wishing/dreaming, here’s the after!! Ahhhhhh….

Outdoor kitchen and pool house pavilion project

Outdoor pavilion and kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen and Pool House Project Reveal

So today I am mainly just going to show you a lot of pictures and as I mentioned, in the nest few weeks I will go more in-depth on each aspect of the project. However, there are a couple things I wanted to point out as you look through the images today.  Because our upper level was more than four feet higher than our pool level, the whole backside of this project had to be a retaining wall. So all the stucco that you see on the sides,inside the pool house itself and fireplace is a retaining wall with French drainage behind the wall with a moisture sealed barrier. It was quite a challenge to build this while trying to alleviate any drainage issues that we could have.

Outdoor Kitchen and Pool House Reveal


Outdoor Kitchen Pool House

Outdoor patio and slate tile stairs

One of the biggest challenges that we had going into this project was that there was so much dirt that needed to be excavated and removed to level the yard (one step up) from the pool level. The dirt excavating alone took over four weeks to complete and that was daily excavating for eight hours and hauling off dirt through this little opening through our small gate.

Dirt excavating

By the way, this was the only way to get into our backyard so this whole project was constructed through this gate and a road that was made through our front yard.

Building an outdoor kitchen and pool house

Building an outdoor kitchen and pool house

While I wanted the pool itself and pool house to both be on the same level, for drainage purposes, we opted to have the pool house one step up from the pool level.

Outdoor kitchen and pool house pavilion.

Outdoor kitchen and Patio

Black Slate Outdoor Tile Patio


I wanted the pool house and the whole area to feel a little more modern than a traditional rustic type outdoor kitchen, so I did this by choosing lighter/airy paint colors like PPG Timeless Exterior Crystal Clear White on the house interior ceiling and a gorgeous light warm gray called Burmese Beige (PPG Timeless Exterior) as the main color that you see on the house and stucco wall.  PPG Timeless Exterior is the most durable exterior paint I could find for this project and I will be sharing more about why I love this paint so much in the next couple of weeks.

Combination Outdoor kitchen and Pool House Pavilion

Outdoor Kitchen and Pool House Pavilion Project.

Outdoor patio and slate tile stairs

Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion

Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion and Pool House

The house structure itself is 26′ x 26′ (from beam to beam) and that was as wide as I could have it without having to have a beam in the middle. I wanted to utilize the rest of the yard so we extended the foundation to make a side patio as well.

Outdoor kitchen, patio and pool house project reveal

I spent months in the planning stage laying out the design for entertainment purposes and easy flow for when we entertain. I wanted plenty of seating around the bars and islands and really comfortable seating in the open areas around the fireplace.

Outdoor kitchen and pool house interior

Pool House and Patio Furniture and Decor

The base of the pool house, bars and fireplace are all limestone, which I really love!  I had my contractor only use the whitest side of the stone to keep things light and airy because limestone can be orangy-yellow from the iron.

Outdoor Fireplace and Kitchen

I wanted lots of covered space for comfy seating and if you saw my post last week here, I shared a sneak peek of these areas and all of the furniture/decor sources. I am so excited with how it turned out and how cozy it is.

Outdoor patio furniture and decor. Pool house reveal

Next week, I will go more into detail about the outdoor kitchen part of this project because there is so much I learned and found that I wanted to share for those of you planning any size outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen with large grill, burners and stainless drawers

Outdoor kitchen with large grill and stainless drawers

One of the most important things that I wanted in our outdoor kitchen was to have an oversized large kitchen island for sitting around, entertaining and cooking.  I loved how it turned out and we decided to keep things cohesive and we used the same beautiful color of the pool house (PPG Timeless Burmese Beige) on all the cabinetry.

Outdoor kitchen with oversized island

I can’t wait to share more of this project with you guys in the next few weeks.  I plan to share everything from the planning, to the construction to even some of the smaller details that we incorporated in our outdoor dream space.

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends!