Front porch revamp {The Creativity Exchange}
Front porched transformed with spray paint {The Creativity Exchange}


DIY Front Porch Revamp Ideas {The Creativity Exchange}


Rocking chairs spray painted with Rustoleum Fossil in satin {The Creativity Exchange}

Happy April friends!!

It finally warmed up enough in East Texas that I finally tackled my front porch and prettified it.  I did several inexpensive DIY projects that I wanted to share with you that are really easy but pack a big porch punch.  If you’re looking for ideas and ways that you can instantly transform your front porch or patios, a great way to get started is with a can of spray paint!

I have a narrow front porch, so it’s really challenging for me to add furniture pieces without my porch looking cluttered or like the front porch of a Cracker Barrel restaurant.  I wanted to add three rocking chairs this year, so I decided to paint the rockers and my old bench in the same color as my house trim and brick color.   My goal was to have all of the pieces to sort of fade into the brick and not look cluttered:


Front porch transformed with spray paint {the creativity exchange}



DIY Front Porch Ideas {The Creativity Exchange}


I spray painted all of the furniture pieces and a couple of my planters in Rustoleum “Fossil”:


Rustoleum Fossil- Gray/taupe/Khaki color


You can see the color a little better with this close up of the bench:


Bench Spray Painted in Rustoleum Fossil {Satin} The Creativity Exchange


“Fossil” is a great neutral color that is really a combination or taupe and light khaki.  I also love Rustoleum “Putty”, which is a similar lighter color but I couldn’t find it in my town, so I went with Fossil.

I have had that bench for more than 12 years and it’s been every color imaginable!  I bought it at Hobby Lobby for practically nothing and it has held up so well and I only have to paint it about every two years!  I do sand it down with a hand sander and prime every time I paint it, so that has helped as well.

I have been wanting to add rocking chairs to my front porch for years but I could never find ones that I liked.  This year, I found these fabulous wood rockers from Lowe’s for only $99.00!!


rockers from lowe's


Of course they didn’t come in the taupe color that I wanted, so I spray painted them as well.  Knowing how to spray paint over factory finishes opens up a whole new world of furniture possibilities, especially outdoor furniture.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the color of something, you can easily change it with spray paint.

The most important thing to know when it comes to painting over factory paint finishes is that the surface has to be roughed up and deglossed in order for the spray paint to stick and last.  I always lightly sand with a fine grit sanding sponge and then I go over it with liquid deglosser.

Sanding sponges are the only way that I hand sand something because it’s so much easier than sand paper:


Sanding sponge makes it so easy to hand sand.


Sanding sponges do the same job as paper (even better) and you can easily curve it to get into hard to reach areas.  It’s also a lot easier on your hands and they last a lot longer than traditional sand paper.

Liquid deglosser is also important because it helps prepare the surface without having to sand or to sand much:


Liquid deglosser preps a surface without having to sand much


I just lightly rough up my surface first with my sanding sponge and then I go over it with liquid deglosser and wait 60 minutes and then I prime the piece with Rustoleum Spray Primer:


Rustoleum Spray Primer in White


For spray painting factory finished surfaces, I completely cover the piece with one good coat of primer.  I then wait for the primer to completely dry (about 2 hours) and then I spray with my top coat (Rustoleum Fossil in Satin):


Rocking chairs spray painted with Rustoleum Fossil in satin {The Creativity Exchange}


DIY Front Porch Ideas {The Creativity Exchange}


I also spray painted these fabulous fiberglass garden table/stools that I picked up for $59.00 at Home Depot:

garden table/stools from Home Depot


I just lightly primed them and then sprayed them with Rustoleum “Indigo Streamer” in satin:

Garden table spray painted in Rustoleum Indigo Streamer {The Creativity Exchange}


These garden tables are the best outdoor deal out there!  I’m going back to Home Depot for more to use around my pool area in the back.  I loved the stone look that the come in but I just wanted that pretty pop of indigo.  I painted them in minutes and they turned out great!

By the way, I painted these old fiberglass planters two years ago in Indogo Streamer and I kept them the same this year:
DIY Front Porch Revamp Ideas {The Creativity Exchange}


I’m thrilled with how my little porch came together!  I think I have earned myself a cocktail in one of my pretty rockers.   My spray painting rampage has made me thirsty!

I hope one of these projects has inspired you to go on your own spray paint rampage.  It still continues to amaze me how spray paint can dramatically transform a space.

I have another great spray paint project coming up on Thursday that I think will inspire you as well, so be sure and check back!

Thanks for hanging out with me today!!



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