41 Awesome Scandinavian Style Interior Apartment Ideas

Born in the coldest areas, the Scandinavian style includes pieces of furniture made of pine, serious lines and tones inspired from fjords. This may be a very serious style, but it also a very warm one. The decorations made in the Scandinavian style which we appreciate today are a legacy from the classic style imposed […]

43 Inspiring Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas

With shabby chic an owner can have a frilly lamp covered in beads, and a sturdy bookshelf with paint chipped away, yet somehow it all manages to tie in just perfectly creating the right amount of balance, and remaining cozy all at the same time. Sounds complicated, but it’s really not. If this style is […]

45 Inspiring Copper Rose Gold Kitchen Themes Decorations

As a metal, copper has been used in manufacturing various industrial products. Apart from industrial products, copper is very popular among the artists since it has a certain decorative value as well. Kitchen designers are also not left behind while making use of this metal. Therefore an antique copper kitchen faucet is very popular among […]

47 Inspiring Vintage Farmhouse Style Kitchen Island

As the hub of daily life, the kitchen should be designed around its users. Of course, its functional purpose has to be a priority, but in a room with multiple uses, there’s much more to consider than the ‘kitchen triangle’ of food storage, preparation and cooking. The kitchen is a social space where family and […]

49 Awesome Rustic Bohemian Kitchen Decorations Ideas

If you want a warmer, homier feel for your kitchen then you should definitely go for the California kitchen in terms of style. But what exactly is the California kitchen style? Well for starters, California kitchens are often styled with wooden panels and its color scheme varies from rich honey browns to different shades of […]

50 Beautiful Rustic Mediterranean Farmhouse Design

If you are tired of paying huge hotel bills, try thinking about a farmhouse plan. This will help you save and eventually build a home where you can peacefully unwind. The owners of such homes use them to relax and get away from their busy city schedules. The homes are surrounded by beautiful farms and […]

48 Inspiring Ideas Tiny Studio Apartment

When you are aware that your apartment is small and a lot of adjustments are required to make it comfortable for your stay, you have to think something different to make it unique. If you own a studio apartment in North Tampa where the kitchen, bedroom and living area constitutes one single section, you need […]

46 Awesome Bedroom Wall Decals Design Ideas

Looking for a good cheap way to decorate a bedroom with a custom look? Using wall stickers for bedrooms will give you a great final result that will look fantastic and will take only minutes to apply. Wall stickers and decals are a great decorating option for any room you want to decorate and they […]

44 Inspiring Small Courtyard Garden Design

Designing interior courtyards will generally follow the same rules for designing small gardens. The real major difference is in paying more attention to vertical space – the walls that surround courtyards. Some small gardens do require this attention but almost all courtyards have this extra consideration. Inspiring Small Courtyard Garden Design 01 Inspiring Small Courtyard […]

42 Awesome Contemporary Floating Bed Design Ideas

While classic furniture is really beautiful, contemporary bedroom furniture not only looks good, but can provide the maximum functionality and comfort that you are looking for. In general, most of the things that surround us from smart phones to cars have contemporary designs. Awesome Contemporary Floating Bed Design Ideas01 Awesome Contemporary Floating Bed Design Ideas02 […]