Best paints to use on wood decks and outdoor wood features that will last.

Behr DeckOver is one of the best deck paints on the market.

Spring is here and summer right around the corner and over the years, I have been wanting to do a post about the best paint to use on decks and exterior wood features like fences, bars, stairs, etc. that last. I mean, will really last and still look good after several years.

After living in the insane heat/sun of East Texas, I have learned the hard way what paints are pretty much a waste of money and what paints will last through extreme sun and temperatures.  Nothing is more frustrating than to have to paint decking, stairs or other wood features each year.  There is no reason to have to do this because there are some really great outdoor paints that can last beyond a year.  However, it’s really important to note that when it comes to painting exterior wood, no product will last forever.  Even something as permanent as wood stains need to be redone over time thanks to UV rays, weather and wear.

We have wood stairs and fencing in our backyard and our next door neighbors have this huge multi-level wood deck.

Best paints to use on wood decks and outdoor wood features that will last.

My neighbor’s deck has no covering and is full Texas sun exposure.  This deck also sees lots of heavy traffic with kids swimming and year round daily use. Like us, they tried different paints and stains and nothing lasted.

A couple years ago, after being frustrated with other deck paint products, my neighbor’s and I both tried a product from Behr called “DeckOver” Coating Paint and the results were absolutely fantastic.

Behr DeckOver deck paint. Best paint for decks.

As you can see, the finish has held up beautifully (this deck was painted two years ago).

Best paints to use on wood decks and outdoor wood features that will last.

Best deck paints to use that last. The Creativity Exchange

  We could tell immediately when the first coat went on that this product was good because it covered so well and just looked more durable than paints/stains we had used in the past.

Paints to use for outdoor decking that last and hold up for years.

DeckOver is really more of a “coating” than paint, which is why I guess they call it DeckOver Wood Coating.  It is 100% acrylic and it comes with a subtle non-slip texture already in it, which is great when it rains or near a pool.  It’s also mildew resistant.  You can get extra texture added as well.  For some reason, DeckOver has come down in price this year and now it’s around $34.00 for a gallon at Home Depot or $158.00 for a 5 gallon.

It can also be used on stairs, outdoor wood bars or pretty much anything.  In fact, my neighbor’s turned the upper deck railing into a long outdoor narrow bar top and DeckOver was used on that as well.

Best paints to use on wood decks and outdoor wood features that will last.

It is CRITICAL that you prep your deck or wood exterior exactly as the product suggests! If you don’t do the proper prep work, the coating may not adhere correctly and you could have some problems.

As far as application, we found that it’s best to paint DeckOver first thing in the morning before the sun gets to strong.  The paint is already really thick and if the sun is out, you don’t get a lot of workable time to really get it on smooth because it will dry so quick.  It needs to be applied with an extender roller.

Behr DeckOver is one of the best deck paints on the market.

The color choices are awesome(comes in 54 colors). My neighbors used Chatham Fog on their deck and the color is really stunning.

Best deck paints to use that last.

I took pictures of the color chart that I picked up at Home Depot to show you guys because they do not have a good online color chart for me to include for you to see both names and colors clearly.

Behr DeckOver Paint Color Choices. Sheet 1

Behr DeckOver Paint Color Choices. Sheet 2

Behr DeckOver Paint Color Choices. Sheet 3

Behr also makes a solid color stain and a gorgeous semi-transparent stain that is really good as well and if your decking is fully covered and you do not have extreme sun, this is another option.

Here is a great tutorial that includes preparation from Savings 4 six for using the Behr Semi-Transparent. Look at that pretty finish below.

Behr Semi-transparent stain.

Behr Semi-Transparent deck stain used on fencing in the color Cordovan.
via Debora Carl Landscape

I know I’m gushing a lot and sound like a Behr paint infomercial but I have not been compensated in any way.  Really, I have found over the years with paint, if a brand makes an outstanding product in one area (like deck paint), the whole line of paint products are usually great as well. It’s the same way with Sherwin Williams exterior paints. Every product in the exterior line is the best.

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