Outdoor Buffet Table Using a Side Table

  A couple of months ago, I shared a project where I took a World Market potting bench and turned it into an outdoor bar.  Today I wanted to share how we created an easy outdoor buffet table using a side table.  But first, here’s the bar:         Our potting bench turned […]

My Front Porch Transformed with Spray Paint…

    Happy April friends!! It finally warmed up enough in East Texas that I finally tackled my front porch and prettified it.  I did several inexpensive DIY projects that I wanted to share with you that are really easy but pack a big porch punch.  If you’re looking for ideas and ways that you […]

DIY Garage Pegboard Storage for Outdoor Toys

        We finally finished our garage pegboard storage wall back in January, some of you may remember that I shared my garage pegboard storage wall for storing my tools and DIY supplies:     That wall has turned out to really be a life saver for us and it was such an […]

Hello Spring! Front Porch Revamp

          Happy Friday friends! The weekend is finally here! Each year, I have so much fun fluffing my front porch during the spring.  I look forward to it all year long because it’s a small space and it’s a little bit of everything for me.  I love the challenge of transforming […]

Painting Outdoor Furniture and Accessories

  Spring has sprung (for most of us) and I know a lot of you are starting to think about fluffing your outdoor areas. Last week, I shared my front porch revamp project and I promised I would be back today and share the tutorials for what I do year to year when it comes to […]

Creative Outdoor Landscaping, Decor and Entertaining Ideas

  Over the years, I have been collecting inspiration and ideas for some really creative (and smart) backyard ideas.  From creative outdoor landscaping ideas, outdoor decorating to entertaining, all of these ideas (I hope) will help and inspire us as we get our outdoor areas ready for summer.   Creative Landscaping Ideas One of my favorite landscaping […]

Best Paints to Use on Decks and Exterior Wood Features

Spring is here and summer right around the corner and over the years, I have been wanting to do a post about the best paint to use on decks and exterior wood features like fences, bars, stairs, etc. that last. I mean, will really last and still look good after several years. After living in […]

Front Porch Refresh and Fluff

    Well here it is, mid July and I’m just now doing my porch refresh for summer and fall. Usually, come April, the porch is the first thing I do. Unfortunately, starting about April, we had nonstop rain, floods and torrential downpours for about 2 months straight here in East Texas. It’s only in […]

Best Paints to Use for Outdoor Furniture, Accessories and Pots

Last week, I shared our front porch refresh project and I promised I would come back and share my tips for how to paint outdoor furniture, accessories and garden pots that will last for several years. Living in the extreme heat and humidity in East Texas, I have had to learn the hard way what […]

Creative Pergola Designs and DIY Options

If you’re thinking long term or maybe even in the short term about creative outdoor design ideas, pergolas have really come a long way. Not only do they provide shade and definition for outdoor spaces, they can fit into different décor styles seamlessly. Perfect over decks, patios, hot tubs, and more, pergolas are often relatively […]