49 Lovely Flower Arrangements for Table Decorating

Flower arrangement and design is considered an art. When before one would only pick flowers in the garden and put them in a vase is enough, now, it is of utmost importance that the flower arranger understands the occasion, the theme, the color motif, and the preferences of the client before coming up with a […]

50 Cute Backyard Garden Ideas

Have you been scouring the Internet for backyard garden shed diy plans to serve as a project this weekend? You don’t want to miss this! I understand what it’s like to run out of storage space especially when you get a nagging reminder from the wife to do something about it. Cute Backyard Garden Ideas01 […]

48 Cute Backyard Garden Playground Ideas

Having a backyard playground installed is one way to achieve this and it is far more affordable than you might think. As with any other construction project though, the best backyard play yards are those that have been carefully planned. Here are some tips: Cute Backyard Garden Playground Ideas01 Cute Backyard Garden Playground Ideas02 Cute […]

46 Beautiful Flower Frontyard Ideas

A neat front yard landscape always sends a message of coolness, peace and healthy ambiance to any eyes that views it. A bush rose garden filled with vibrant blooms and sweet fragrances enliven any Home and its inhabitants. Designing your garden is equally important to planting and taking care of the roses so that it […]

Potting Bench Turned Outdoor Bar

  Summer is just around the corner and we’ve been busy cleaning our patio and backyard, replacing patio cushions, planting bright flowers and getting summer ready.  We love to grill and entertain during the summer and I was really hoping to find some sort of outdoor bar that I could use for serving beverages and […]

Summer Outdoor Ideas

  Today is the last day of school, which means it’s about to be officially summer for us. I have a long list of outdoor projects, ideas and recipes that I have been collecting throughout the year that I can’t wait to try this summer. I thought I would share just a few of my […]

Outdoor Buffet Table Using a Side Table

  A couple of months ago, I shared a project where I took a World Market potting bench and turned it into an outdoor bar.  Today I wanted to share how we created an easy outdoor buffet table using a side table.  But first, here’s the bar:         Our potting bench turned […]

My Front Porch Transformed with Spray Paint…

    Happy April friends!! It finally warmed up enough in East Texas that I finally tackled my front porch and prettified it.  I did several inexpensive DIY projects that I wanted to share with you that are really easy but pack a big porch punch.  If you’re looking for ideas and ways that you […]

DIY Garage Pegboard Storage for Outdoor Toys

        We finally finished our garage pegboard storage wall back in January, some of you may remember that I shared my garage pegboard storage wall for storing my tools and DIY supplies:     That wall has turned out to really be a life saver for us and it was such an […]

Hello Spring! Front Porch Revamp

          Happy Friday friends! The weekend is finally here! Each year, I have so much fun fluffing my front porch during the spring.  I look forward to it all year long because it’s a small space and it’s a little bit of everything for me.  I love the challenge of transforming […]